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    單液型PU防水涂膜 | PVC防水膜 |


    PVC防水膜(Sika Sarnafil)

    PVC防水膜為聚氯乙烯(Polyvinyl Chloride)高分子材料經壓制而成之塑化合成雙色膜片,中間夾有Polyester補強層,上層具止滑壓紋,其表層涂膜具防污功能,不受紫外線及任何氣候影響,為屋頂防水用。

    PVC waterproof membrane is a plasticized double-color membrane made of polyvinyl chloride macromolecule material by pressing. Polyester reinforcing layer is sandwiched in the middle. The upper layer has anti-slip pressing lines. The top coating has anti-fouling function and is not affected by ultraviolet rays and any climate. It is used for waterproof roof

    本材料由Sika Sarnafil生產,Sika Sarnafil為全球第一的PVC防水膜專業制造商,提供完整之防水膜系統,超過50年以上的經驗與實績,至今已在全球使用超過3億8千萬平方公尺的PVC防水膜。

    This material is produced by Sika Sarnafil. Sika Sarnafil is the world's first professional manufacturer of PVC waterproofing film. It provides complete waterproofing film system. With more than 50 years of experience and achievements, it has used more than 380 million square meters of PVC waterproofing film worldwide. 

    Sika Sarnafil PVC防水膜通過英國BBA認證35年以上使用壽命,目前最久實績超過45年(Indoor Swimming Arena,Bienne 1964~),引進國內后亦已施作超過2萬平方公尺。

    Sika Sarnafil PVC waterproof film has been certified by British BBA for more than 35 years. At present, its longest service life is more than 45 years (Indoor Swimming Arena, Bienne 1964 ~), and it has been applied to more than 20,000 square meters since it was introduced into China. 


    This method can be used in renovation of roofs without removing existing roofs. It can be directly covered and used with rock wool insulation board. Concrete roofs and steel roofs are applicable. The subsequent maintenance is simple. The construction process is fast and the waste is small, and the carbon emissions in the construction process are minimized. 99% of the materials used in the whole system can be recovered. 

    本公司為Sika Sarnafil之專業施工廠商,依原廠準則施工,使用之防水膜及相關構件皆為Sika Sarnafil同一系統材料,原廠并針對所施作工程提供材料10~20年以上之保固。

    The company is a professional construction company of Sika Sarnafil. The waterproof membrane and related components used are all materials of the same system of Sika Sarnafil according to the original factory criteria. The original factory also provides material guarantees for more than 10 to 20 years for the projects. 

    Sika Sarnafil PVC防水膜其他特點:

    Other features of Sika Sarnafil PVC waterproof film: 

    • 通過FM認證(搭配巖棉使用)
    • FM certification (with rock wool) 
    • 通過Energy Star認證,符合LEED節能要求(高反射率),搭配巖棉可大幅
    • Through Energy Star certification, meet LEED energy saving requirements (high reflectivity), with rock wool can be substantially increased
    • 降低熱島效應及室內空調系統
    • Reducing Heat Island Effect and Indoor Air Conditioning System 
    • 依不同施工條件具完整搭配構件,斜屋面可仿金屬屋面外觀
    • According to different construction conditions, the inclined roof can imitate the appearance of metal roof. 
    • 防水膜色彩多樣選擇
    • Various Choices of Waterproof Film Colors 
    • 視需求提供專業之抗風力設計,并由原廠保證之
    • Provide professional wind resistance design according to demand and guarantee by original factory 
    • 可搭配太陽能薄膜發電系統
    • Collaborable solar thin film power generation system 
    • 表面可加鋪止滑行走步道墊,便于行走、維護 
    • The surface can be paved with anti-sliding pad for easy walking and maintenance.