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    單液型PU防水涂膜 | PVC防水膜 |




    Single-liquid PU waterproof coating


    Unlike the traditional double-liquid hardened PU waterproofing material, it is easy to cause poor waterproofing effect due to mismatching and improper dilution. The single-liquid PU waterproofing coating method, which is easy to be used for durability, is divided into two types according to material characteristics: oil MTC and water-based CET.


    MTC (MC) Method


    It can be divided into moisture curing and moisture hardening reaction. It uses moisture in atmosphere to cause hardening curing. The drying speed is fast, the construction is fast and simple, and the small area can be completed in one day. It can be matched with the construction of crack-resistant stiffening layer. For direct exposure, the weathering life can be over 10 to 25 years depending on the thickness of the application (BBA certification).

    • 工法需視現況搭配底漆使用
    • Work method should be matched with primer according to current situation.
    • 通過耐火認證
    • Pass Fire Resistance Certification
    • 面漆為白色,可達反射75%以上光線,具隔熱效果
    • Top coat is white, reflecting more than 75% of the light, with thermal insulation effect.
    • 10分鐘即可抗雨淋,且不與水有逆向反應效果
    • It can withstand rain in 10 minutes without adverse reaction with water.
    • 特別適用于管線復雜、細節收邊多的屋頂現場
    • Especially suitable for roof site with complex pipelines and many details.



    Water-based CET Method


    Water-based single liquid PU material, water-based environmental protection, short drying time, simple and fast construction can be attached to a variety of material surfaces.


    White weatherproof topcoat can be used on the surface layer to improve the reflectivity and achieve thermal insulation effect. Weathering life can be more than 15 years depending on crop thickness.

    • 顏色多樣選擇,如選用白色,可反射75%以上光線,具隔熱效果
    • Various colors, such as white, can reflect more than 75% of the light, with thermal insulation effect.
    • 可采刷涂、噴灑或滾涂方式,無VOC揮發物質逸散
    • It can be brushed, sprayed or rolled without VOC volatile matter escaping.
    • 施作簡易、干燥快速,搭配夾層(玻纖、不織布等)可修補裂縫,具裂縫橋接功能
    • Simple and fast drying, with sandwich (glass fiber, non-woven fabric, etc.) can repair cracks, with crack bridging function.
    • 材料耐候,不黃變
    • Weatherproof material, no yellowing
    • 適用于細節、收邊多的屋頂現場
    • Suitable for roof site with more details and edges