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         Nanjing Chemical Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd is composed of professional and like-minded architects. The team has more than ten years' experience in building materials, construction, architectural design, test and verification, especially chemical building materials.

        We specialize in: PANDOMO creative wall and floor system, roof PVC waterproof, floor system, exterior wall paint and other fields. We have chosen professional materials manufacturers that are well-known at home and abroad, such as SIKA, ARDEX, as partners to jointly promote the development of environmentally friendly, efficient and safe building materials systems. In today's real estate and construction environment, the special needs of buildings are becoming more and more complex, and material specifications are urgently needed to meet the needs of safety, environmental protection and energy conservation. Building materials are also pursuing higher efficiency and durability, in line with the current trend of pursuing green environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction and sustainable development. Choosing the best construction methods and materials is an important factor for architects and design units to succeed in a project. We have been in the industry for many years and deeply realized that there are too few professionals in the field of building materials, especially chemical building materials, and the interface problems between materials and design emerge in endlessly. Material manufacturers only care about sales without regard to construction, and site constructors do not understand the characteristics of materials, which often leads to errors in construction methods or improper use of materials. 

        As builders, we hope that the living environment will be better, the quality of buildings will be improved and the life cycle of buildings will be prolonged. Professionalism is our service, integrity is our attitude, and quality is our perseverance, Chemical is based on the above concepts . Starting to develop from the demand for building walls, floors and roofs , hoping to become the best bridge for design and construction materials, thereby improving the quality of the project.